Our Boys

Our beautiful dogs and puppies are not just Show and Competition hopefuls, but much loved members of our family. We believe that a dog needs to feel happy and loved to achieve optimal health, and as owners, we are dedicated to giving our dogs the best care possible. The quality of our dogs' lives always comes first, before Show or wins. Their Show careers are simply a way to express how much we enjoy spending time with them. We breed for the total dog and put health and temperament first and foremost, producing a fit and well balanced dog . Our goal also includes breeding Alaskan Malamutes with trainable temperaments to fit in with the family unit. Our beautiful Malamutes ARE our family, and most of our day is devoted to them one way or another, whether it be exercise , grooming, training or just having fun with them. This involves exercising ALL our dogs everyday in a fenced-in area of six acres  . Kennels runs are 40 X 20 feet, and sheltered under shade trees. 



KalaMals Wooly Mammoth Manny
OFA-Exc , EYES-Clear, PN-NC



Kalamals  Pistol Packen Patton